SWOP is an acronym for Stranger, Widow, Orphan and Poor. SWOP is part of Cilmin-Worldwide ministry to the less fortunate. We intend to make SWOP ministry as personal as possible. This is what we mean: We will post individual cases of strangers, widows, orphans and the poor on this website. Whenever possible, we will post their pictures and their contacts plus a short description of their needs and circumstances. The description of the need will include the scope and the approximate value.

Any organisation or church or person who is touched to help is free to get into contact directly to the person/people they want to help. The help can be full "sponsorship" or a contribution towards alleviating whatever need it is.

Whatever the case, i.e. whether a full sponsorship or a contribution has been made, we would like to be updated (through e-mail) so that we can update the information about the need accordingly. Those whose needs have been fully covered will be withdrawn from the SWOP list of people in need.

We accept to manage the funds only if we have to, but we highly recommend direct involvement so that you can attach human face to the help you are giving. We help people with faces—in real place and time.

Should you entrust your money with us, we would assign it to individual person(s) of your choice. We will then ask the person(s) to contact you and appreciate the help you gave, telling you what kind of help they got and at what value. This is the reason for which we will provide you with physical address of the person(s) so that should you happen to travel to that country, you can trace the person and verify that your help got to a person. You are free to support more than one person. If you wish to remain anonymous to the people you are helping, we will ask them to send their letter of appreciation to us then we would forward it to you—whether it is an e-mail or a physical letter.

Accountability is supreme for us. That is why we "insist" on getting you a feedback and a direct contact with people that you are helping.

Cilmin believes that God put enough resources on planet earth to cater for every soul. If we become responsible for one another; if we shun greed and renounce indifference to the plight of others; if we divert the resources currently wasted on war and hatred, no single soul will perish in famine; no child will fail to go to school; no country will languish in poverty, etc. You may wish to read more about how we should relate with the poor and those in need. Click here.

We are still at the initial stages of setting up things. When everything is ready, we will post all information on this website.

May God bless you as you prayerfully consider ministering to someone's life in line with the responsibility God has given us over one another.



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