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Faith is not only faith if you get what you pray for, when you pray for it. One can pray and fail to get what he prayed for or one can pray to get something at a particular time but get it later. This is not to quench the expectation we must have as we approach God, it is, however, to fan it. Faith that counts is that which the mountains defy but still doesn't give up.

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When Jesus Christ died on the Cross to pay the penalty of sin, His supremacy in matters of faith—faith that would reconcile man to God—was established. Even if God was to make an oversight, there is one He couldn't make considering His love for mankind, made in His own image. Many of us behave as if God allowed religious competition to be like a liberal market where anyone who has charisma and a subject matter with religious overtones could sell his product. If God did this, it would have been a big mistake. Religious confusion is ripe out there. The problem is that Christians are buying and selling in the market of religious plurality and liberality. We don't necessarily worship the same God with everybody else who makes a monotheistic confession.

As you pray against terrorism, you must know its root. Lasting remedies are only achievable when we tackle the root of a problem.

Fact number 1:

The wave of terrorism that we experience today is inspired—literally.

Fact number 2:

Islam is the source of this inspiration. In the light of the Qur' anic passages such as 2:191, 9:5, 29, 5:33 , 47:4, and many others, this cannot be a secret.

Fact number 3:

Unless we pray—seriously—we must not expect political policies, be they diplomatic or violent, to stop the wave of terrorism.

Fact number 4:

No one is safe. Whether directly or indirectly, the kind of terrorism we experience today has the potentiality to touch any soul on planet earth.


Get as informed as possible. As you acquire information, know that the basic reason for it is that you may be transformed. 

Remember: In order to be ready for the task, you have to be ready to read. Ignorance is as lethal as not accepting the salvation through Christ.

We recommend the articles by David Wood.

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2. The Two Faces of Islam.


Death Knell on the West.

Terrorism and Counterterrorism

Secret Weapon Against Terrorism (Buy)

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