Conditions and 'Qualifications' for Joining Rock Wopat.

1. You must be a Bible-believing born-again Christian.

This is a serious warfare and we wouldn’t like to “endanger” anyone’s life (See Acts 19:13-16). If you don’t subscribe to Christ’s command, “You must be born again” (John. 3:7), and if you have not totally surrendered your life to the tenet of salvation, you lack the commission for this mission.

2. You must be disciplined and committed to serve at your post—timing is very crucial.

You have to be committed to the cause of our commission to stand in the gap to establish the reign of God in the world. The idea with this mission is that we will keep watch round the clock. We don’t want to allow a gap. If what we are standing against is going to happen, let it not happen because we were not watching. If it happens, let it happen because it “had to happen”, that is, in fulfillment of prophesies, etc.

3. You must pursue righteousness and holy living. You must not willingly give a legal ground in your life for the enemy. This battle is real.

The Bible says the prayer of "a righteous man is effective" (James 5:16). One of the most important areas to be keen on is that you must forgive all your offenders—have nothing against anybody, regardless of the nature and magnitude of the sin committed against you. Guard against taking offence.

4. You must not endorse any physical war even if the perpetrators invoke God’s name to support their cause.

There are many “holy wars” against “holy wars”. Both of them cannot be holy at the same time and still claim to be initiated by the same God. And what makes one war holy and the other not? It is the “Commander” and the “weapons of our warfare”. A war is only holy if it is first and foremost “spiritual” and being fought through God with spiritual weapons (more about this later in the Recommended readings for Rock Wopat solders).

Instructions and Strategies:

1. This mission requires a minimum of 15 minutes of your time every week on a specific day and at a specific time.

We would wish to have all time zones covered so that we can have a 24-hour prayer vigilance—where every minute; every hour; every day; every week, month and year is covered for the rest of the time we live on this earth.

When you are no longer able to “watch” please recruit someone or some people to carry on with the mantle.

I want to assure you: You will not win the most prestigious coveted Nobel Peace prize here on earth but that 15 minutes prayer you will faithfully commit yourself to offer for the safety and peace of mankind, will ‘earn’ you what is not conceivable by earthly imaginations—Nobel peace prize is a non-starter. Wait until you see the kind of crown you will wear as a result of your faithfulness. I wish you could get the reality of this.

2. As you watch, take authority that has been given to us to “govern” from the spiritual realm.

Be conscious that there is authority that has been given to you in the name of Jesus by his Blood. Use this authority to stop all “stoppable” terrorist activities: bombings of all types; kidnapping; organized wars, etc.

Don’t forget to pray against abortion. It is the worst form of terrorism. If you were once involved in an abortion, don’t let this deprive you of joy. If you repented, you were forgiven. You must also forgive yourself. Turn around and fight on the side you once opposed (Paul’s example is compelling).

Agonize, plead and intercede. Invoke the name of Jesus as you revoke the schemes of the devil; pledge the Blood of Christ as you acknowledge the edge you already have over the enemy. Bind what ought to be bound and release what ought to be released. Stand your ground and decree that no “stoppable” terrorism happens during your watch.

3. To help one another maintain the tempo of “doing the battle”, two or more people can join forces.

A concerted prayer has its benefits. We encourage people teaming up so that, “if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven” (Matt. 18:19 NIV). Remember: should you form a prayer group, please make sure that you coordinate so well so that everybody doesn’t skip the prayer hoping that the others are praying when no one has turned up. And should the others fail to come, let the person who has turned up do the praying.

4. You can pray wherever you are.

You can pray as you work—depending on the nature of your work; as you walk; as you travel—you don’t have to be loud when the surrounding doesn’t provide for that, etc.

5. Remember: If an act of terrorism happens during your watch, don’t let that intimidate you.

At the "Recommnded readings for Rock Wopat", we will continue to post articles online some of which will justify why we shouldn't give up even when it looks like our prayers are not stopping everything.

Don’t give up because an act of terrorism happened during your watch. Only let it not be a result that you were supposed to be watching but you failed to do so. Understand that there is a mystery attached to our call—we leave that to God as we concentrate on what we can do. There are things, thousands of them, that we will be able to stop—you will be surprised when God will finally show you what you were able to stop as a result of your prayers. But you will have to wait until you "finally get home". There are also some things that we will not be able to stop—the Scripture must be fulfilled.

It is also important to remember that we may “suffer some casualties”—we are in a battle, remember. This shouldn’t scare a soldier. Remember that faith that counts is that which the mountains may defy (for a while) but doesn’t give up. See “VIRTUE THAT COUNTS:”, Chapter 3 preview, available here.

A believer who has enlisted him/herself in the kingdom of God must strive to reflect the virtues of this kingdom. A believer must be "ruled" solely by the principles of grace, mercy, love and forgiveness—without borders.

May God bless you as you prayerfully consider joining us in ROCK WOPAT. We are looking forward to fighting the good fight as a team.

Select the day of the week by clicking on the day* you would wish to commit yourself to watch and pray. You will then fill in your name against the timeslot you have chosen.

May God give you the strength and grace to stand alert at your post.

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*We are putting things together before we make it possible to register. The registration form and other details are not yet ready. Please check later. Meanwhile, we want to emphasise that it is not the registration that is important, it is the prayer. Since it may take time before everything is ready, we encourage those who are ready to pick on a day and time and just start praying. When the registration arrangements are ready, you will then register the day and time you had chosen.

We would also like to emphasie that it is allowed to change the day and/or time should you find that your original schedule is no longer workable. You will, however, need to reflect this on the registration information.



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