Rock Wopat is an acronym for “Round the Clock Worldwide Prayer Against Terrorism”.

Our Motto:

Praying AGAINST the “act” while praying FOR the “actors”

I would like to briefly explain our motto above so that we don't start on a wrong footing. We believe that Christ died for us when we were still sinners. He didn't wait until we were good before He could die for us. As we pray AGAINST the act of terrorism, we must be careful not to pray against the terrorists. The difference is very important: If we pray AGAINST the terrorists, we can easily slip into a prayer of hatred, and stand the risk of throwing out a baby with the bath water.

Praying against the 'act' while praying for the 'actor', in essence, is engaging in spiritual surgery where a believer separates sin from the sinner.

Even if we perceive the terrorists as our enemies, the Bible exhorts us to love them and pray for those who persecute us (Romans 12:14,17,19-21). Praying for the salvation of your enemies is what will help you have a pure heart. This is what makes the difference between religion and having a relationship with the compassionate God through Christ. You may wish to read more on forgiveness by clicking here.

We are not to pray for the terrorists so that they can continue persecuting others but that God may have mercy on them; that their spiritual sight may be opened to see the grace of God that brings salvation—the grace that the Bible tells us "has apperaed to all men" (Titus 2:11).

Like many other areas, the question of whether a Christian should go to war or endorse it is controversial. While Rock Wopat is not erecting a platform for playing the matches of controversies surrounding the anti vs. pro-wars, it is important for Christians to search the heart of Christ and take up the “weapons of our warfare”.

When we talk about war, we immediately think about physical war. Yes, every Christian should be a soldier. He should not only endorse but also participate in the war. The only problem is that many Christians have not been able or willing to differentiate between spiritual and physical wars. Because of this, many have underplayed the call to a spiritual war. Spiritual war is the essence of a holy war.

In the Old Testament days, God was punishing His enemies by the hands of people He chose. If it concerned the people of Israel, the punishment was based on the Laws he gave to Moses. If it concerned the non-Jews, He either did it based on human conventions or how these people related with His chosen Nation—the people of Israel.

Even before Christ came, it was apparent that though God punished other nations from time to time by the hand of the people of Israel, it was not because the Israelites had impressed Him in the way they related to Him. It was out of His discretion that He chose them.

Internally, that is, among the Israelites, there were the “holier than thou” actors of righteousness in the name of the Pharisees and the Scribes. These people were supposed to be the champions of the Law. But were they keeping the law themselves? No!

They were quick to condemn people for sin when they were sinners like everyone else—sometimes even worse. They would bore false witness as they schemed to have an innocent person executed (consider the example of Chriat whom they falsely accused).

Things have since changed. When Jesus came, He came to perfect things up. No longer was God going to use one sinner to condemn another sinner. This is why the woman who was caught in the act of adultery was not stoned.

Even the animosities between nations were no longer going to invoke the name of God in order to “spiritualise” and "holify" a physical war. What Jesus told the Pharisees and the Scribes in the case of the woman caught in adultery He is also saying to the nations of the world—today: “If there is a nation that has not sinned, let it invoke my Law as it goes to war against her enemy”.

Nevertheless, nations are not individuals. The above statement would have been effective if the nations of the world were theocratic. If this were to work, the theocracy would not have been based on general religion but one that identifies Christ as the only way of reconciling with God. It is not possible for any nation to be theocratic enough so that its administration is solely on the grace and mercy of God, revealed through Christ. This explains why “nation will war against nation”.

As the nations of the world war against one another, the citizens of the kingdom of God take their positions in the true holy war—the war that is fought in the spiritual realm; the war that doesn't use the carnal weapons.

If you believe prayer is the strongest weapon we can use in this noble task, join us.

To register, we must mention that there are "credentials" we are looking for. The conditions for joining and the instructions are very important. We believe that going to a battleground without a strategy is a tragedy in the waiting. Please click the link below to see if this mission is for you.

CONDITIONS for joining and INSTRUCTIONS for the battle.



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