Are You Ready?
Just some quick questions to send you reflecting on your relationship with God:
If God "hid" something very minute yet very precious for you in your Bible and didn’t tell you about it, how long will it take you to discover it? What if it also happened that He put it in one of the most "boring" parts of the Bible?

(You may wish to read Chapter 4 of "A Life of an Enthusiastic Worship").

If God sent an angel to announce that only one person worldwide has sought Him enough to enter heaven, would you confidently say that you are the one? What would be your reasons for believing that you are the only one that has pleased God enough to enter His rest?

(If you aren't sure about this, you may wish to read "Virtue That Counts").

About Cilmin—Worldwide

a) Cilmin is an acronym for “Christ Is Lord Ministries”.

b) Founder: Daniel O. Ogweno (Available for preaching itineraries).

c) Mission Statement:

The vision of our mission can be summarised as follows:

  • Win souls;
  • Disciple and ground souls in the sound understanding of God’s Word;
  • Encourage and inspire believers to fun into flame and pursue their God-given gifts regardless of its “size”;
  • Mobilise the world to pray, especially against terrorism;
  • Challenge believers unto good works by providing channels to reach the unfortunate and unprivileged;
  • Challenge and encourage people to jump the bait of ignorance. The rule is simple—Read!! The slogan is: "Beretore", "Retobere"—Be Ready To Read, Read To Be Ready, and,
  • Call believers into watchfulness, discouraging them from spiritual complacency. The slogan is: “Trinoy"—The Race Is Not Over Yet!”

d) Statement of Faith. Click here.

If you would like to invite Ogweno to minister in your church, crusade, retreat, conference, seminar, etc. plesae make sure you check the Statement of Faith first.





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